Issue Management

Issue Management

Efficiently resolve issues and enhance operational efficiency with Stratomat's Issues Management feature. Track, manage, and address resident-reported issues promptly, streamlining the resolution process. Experience a seamless and efficient approach to issue management with Stratomat.

Reference comments, posts, documents and attachments.

Stratomat's Issue Management module saves time and promotes organization, bringing all resources together for efficient council operations. Stay highly organized and streamline processes with this essential feature.

Real Time Commenting

Collaborate seamlessly with council members and residents, facilitating efficient communication and resolving issues effectively.

Take a Poll, or Two

Invite Council to cast votes on issue many as required. Make decisions and advance quickly.

Document References

Link issues to relevant archived documents or upload specific attachments, keeping reference material uncluttered.

Flexible and Extensible

With its versatile nature, Stratomat's Issue Management module empowers you to adapt and optimize your association management processes to suit your specific needs.

Report Deficiencies

Any resident or owner may capture details, attach supporting images or documents, and generate comprehensive deficiency reports with just a few clicks.

Manage Committees

Empower your council to effectively oversee and coordinate committee activities, ensuring smooth operations and optimal decision-making.

Track Projects

Centralize all project-related communications, discussions, and files in one convenient location, promoting efficient collaboration and ensuring easy access to essential project documents.

Made for Mobile

Stratomat delivers a seamless experience across various screens and platforms. Stay connected and manage your association management tasks conveniently from anywhere with Stratomat's mobile-friendly design.

Media Rich Display

Capture and attach images directly to issues, providing visual context and enhancing communication. Or leverage images in the media library.

Email Notification

Stratomat keeps everyone connected and engaged through efficient email notifications, fostering collaboration and efficient issue management.

A Property Manager’s Best Friend

Stratomat simplifies association management tasks, enhances communication, streamlines operations, and empowers property managers to excel in their roles.

Multiple Accounts

Switch between accounts seamlessly and perform tasks with ease.

Always On

Rest easy knowing that Stratomat is working diligently, even when you're sleeping.

The Ultimate Multitasker

Send notifications, upload documents, and create new issues simultaneously.

Export Anytime

Your data, your control, whenever you need it.

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Explore the features of Stratomat now!

Explore the features of Stratomat now!